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Products of organic chemistry
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Products of organic chemistry

Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 1010“

TU 2254-007-02748978-2004

Two-component PU system based on Korundinol 1010 (Component “A”) andKorundinat PM” (Component “B”) is designed for production of rigid filling waterproofing polyurethane, water- and acid-resistant, which is applied in damp-proofing of outer surfaces of constructions, for creation of protective force covering on polyurethane foam surfaces, for heat insulation of floors in refrigeration chambers, etc.

Characteristics of Components

à) “Korundinol 1010” (Component “A”)




Liquid coloured from yellow to light-brown without visible contaminating impurities

Hydroxyl number, mg KOH/g, in the range

320 - 420

Mass part of water, %, max.



b) Korundinat PM (Component “B”)

According to TU 2472-002-72311668-2004.

Processing Technique

Ratio of mixture À : B = 100 : 100 (by weight).

The compound is applied to the surface by pouring (after mechanical hand mixing in a reservoir) or by evaporation technique using high- or low-pressure machines at ambient temperature 18 - 25îÑ on a dry degreased surface.

Process Test Parameters

Name of Parameter


Yield loss time, s, in the range

30 - 80

Appearance of coating

Coating surface should be smooth


The received polyurethane foam has good adhesion to various materials: concrete, steel, wood, glass, rigid polyurethane foam of different purposes.

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Name of Parameter


Apparent density, kg/m3, in the range

300 - 600

Water absorption for 24 hours, kg/m2, max.


Softening temperature, 0Ñ, min.


Shore hardness, kg/m3

70 – 100


Packing. Component “À” is poured into 100-250 dm3 aluminium drums according to GOST 21029, steel drums according to GOST 6247, GOST 13950, GOST 26155, TU 38.1011264.

Guarantee storage period:

- of component A - 3 months from day of manufacture.

- of component B - 6 months from day of manufacture.

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