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Products of organic chemistry
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Products of organic chemistry

Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 117“

TU 2254-006-02748978-2004

Three-component PU system is designed for manufacture of rigid polyurethane foam by evaporation method.

Basic components of the system are processed by evaporation technique using high- or low-pressure machines working by two-component scheme.

The system is delivered as three components:                                                                      

1. Component “À1” – “Korundinol 117”, which is a mixture of polyesters, foaming agent (Freon F-141b), foam stabilizer and other specific agents.
2. Catalyst system – “Korundikat À2 – 117”.
3. Component “B” - polyisocyanate  “Korundinat PM”.

Characteristics of Components

Components “A1” and “A2”

Name of Parameter


Component À1

Component À2

Korundinol À1-117-1

Korundinol À1-117-2


Korundikat À2 - 117


Liquid coloured from light-yellow to dark-brown without contaminating impurities

Colourless or pale yellow liquid

Hydroxyl number, mg ÊÎÍ/g,  in the range

340 - 390

350 - 450

260 - 360


Mass part of water, %,  max.





Dynamic viscosity at 20 0Ñ, mPa .s





Component “B” – polyisocyanateKorundinat PM”, TU  2472-002-72311668-2004

Processing Technique

Ratio of mixture À : B = 100 : 130  (by weight)

Process Test Parameters

Value for System

Korundinol À1-117-1

Korundinol À1-117-2

Korundinol À1-117-3

Start time, s, in the range

9 – 18

5 - 9

5 - 9

Gelation time, s, in the range

20 - 35

12 - 20

12 - 20

Appearance of hardened polyurethane foam and structure on vertical section

Rigid foamed material. Fine-cellular structure with a small number of larger cells

Physical and Mechanical Properties of PU Foam*

Name of Parameter


Apparent density in the product, in the range, kg/m3

40 - 70

Heat conductivity, max., W/mK


Ultimate strength at 10% deformation:

·          at compression, MPa

·          at bending, min., MPa


0.2                        0.35

Water absorption for 24 hours, max., cm3/m2


Heat-resistance by Vika, min., ÎÑ


*- the given indicators can be changed on the customer’s request

Recommendations on application of Polyurethane Foam System «KORUND-117»

1. Components À1 – “Korundinol 117”, À2 – “Korundikat  À2 – 117” in combination with polyisocyanate are designed for manufacture of rigid polyurethane foam by evaporation method.
2. Basic components of the polyurethane foam system are processed by high- or low-pressure evaporation machines working by two-component scheme.
3. The components should be stored in leakproof package in a dry place.
4. Before application component A1 – “Korundinol 117” is mixed with catalyst – A2 – “Korundikat  À2 – 117”. The quantity of added catalyst is defined by ambient temperature:

Ambient temperature, 0Ñ

From +300Ñ
to + 150Ñ

From +140Ñ to + 50Ñ

From +40Ñ to - 50Ñ

From -60Ñ to -100Ñ

From -110Ñ to -150Ñ

Quantity of component À2 per 100 kg of component À1






5. The obtained mixture of component À1 – “Korundinol 117” with catalyst À2 – “Korundikat À2 – 117” is to be stirred for 30 minutes. Temperature of components at mixing should be 20 ± 20Ñ.
6. Before processing the components are heated up to 20 ± 20Ñ in thermostatically controlled chamber of evaporation machine.
7. Mixture ratio of component À (with added catalyst À-2) to component B (“Korundinat PM”) is 1 : 1.3 correspondingly.
8. The ratio is checked by separated batching of components in separate volumes for equal intervals and by weighing of each component.

Packing. Component “À” is poured into 100-250 dm3aluminium drums according to GOST 21029, steel drums according to GOST 6247, GOST 13950, GOST 26155, TU 38.1011264.

Guarantee storage period:

- of component A - 3 months from day of manufacture;
- of component B - 6 months from day of manufacture.

Copyright © 2004 Korund
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