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Products of organic chemistry
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Products of organic chemistry

Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 785“

TU 2254-004-02748978-2004

The system is designed for manufacture of cold- and warm-moulded flexible articles used in automotive and furniture industries.

Two-component system consists of component “A” – “Korundinol 785” and component “B” – “Korundinat 785”, which is a mixture of isocyanates or toluene diisocyanate, or their foreign analogues.

Characteristics of Component “A”:

Name of Parameter



Viscous fluid of light-yellow colour with slight opalescence

Mass part of water, %, in the range

2.4 – 2.8

Hydroxyl number, mg KOH/g

125 - 130

Recommended ratio of mixture at processing:

Component “A” : Component “B”  = 300 : 100 (by weight).

Process Test Parameters

Name of Parameter


Start time, s

11 – 13

Gelation time, s

60 - 63

Apparent density, kg/m3

27 - 28

Physical and Mechanical Properties of PU Foam*

Name of Parameter


Apparent density, kg/m3 (depending on the compound consumption)


Breaking stress, kPa

80 - 120

Elongation at break, %

80 - 100

Hardness at 40% indentation, N, min.

250 - 300

Cyclic compression fatigue

2 – 2.5

Rigidity degradation in articles, max.

2.5 – 3.5

Rebound elasticity, min.


* The given indicators can be changed on the customer’s request, depending on the process characteristics.

Packing. Component “А” is poured into 100-250 dm3aluminium drums according to GOST 21029, steel drums according to GOST 6247, GOST 13950, GOST 26155, TU 38.1011264.

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