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Small-size production
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Small-size production
Name of ProductField of Application
1Monophenyl urethane (MPhU) technical gradeFor production of cable enamels and lacquers.
2Monoallyl urethane (MAU) technical gradeFor production of water diluting urethane alkyds.
3Triisocyanate ТТ-75 – hardening agentFor production of polyurethane lacquers and adhesives.
4Polyurethane lacquer UR-KB-1For coating of metal, wooden and glass surfaces, also in contact with cold foodstuffs, for production of enamels, used in building engineering and for domestic purposes. Mixture ratio of component А to hardener is 1 : 0.6. Gardening agent – triisocyanate ТТ-75.
5Polyurethane lacquer UR-KB-2Applied as a mordant and for lacquering of genuine leather in industrial conditions. Mixture ratio of component А to hardener is 1: 0.3. Hardening agent - triisocyanate ТТ-75.
6Polyurethane lacquer UR-KDesigned for coating of wooden articles and metal structures. Mixture ratio of component А to hardener is 1.6:1. Hardening agent – polyisocyanate.
7Hardening agent for polyurethane lacquers, enamels and adhesivesFor production of polyurethane lacquers, enamels and adhesives.
8Polyurethane enamelApplied for coating of metal and wooden structures.
9Polyurethane adhesive UR-K-201Two-component system with polyisocyanate as a hardener; Applied in production of air filter elements of cars. Mixture ratio of base to hardening agent is 1: 0.75 at the ambient temperature not lower than 18 °С. Hardening agent – polyisocyanate.
10Korundinat TBU-50Used to get polyurethane compositions, which are applied, for coating on wood and metal.
11Rust removerFor rust removing with formation of phosphate and chromate passivation layer on the surface.
12Ethyl chlorformate and others chlorformatesFor production of isocyanates, ethyl urethane, diethyl carbonate, cross-linking agents for polymers, flotation agents
13Adhesive Korundinol 2.5For adhesion of gypsum fiber boards and as a sealant
14Adhesive Korundinol 12.5For adhesion of gypsum fiber boards and as a sealant
15Cyclohexyl chlorformateFor production of bicyclohexyl peroxy dicarbonate – a polymerization initiator
16Polyurethane fill covering PU-NPFor manufacture of jointless fill floors
171,5-Naphthylene diisocyanateFor production of small-meshed polyurethane elastomers
18Polyurethane impregnating and sealing double-base compound “URGS” (URSC)For installation of new or repair of old roofing, for waterproofing of basements and water storage tanks

The products are manufactured by customers’ request.

Technical Director Mr. Andrey Pegeev Fax: +7 (8313) 25-86-02
Head of the development control Mr. Alexander Zhbanov
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