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Products of inorganic chemistry
Products of organic chemistry
Synthetic corundum
Small-size production
Paintwork materials
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Products of inorganic chemistry
Potassium cyanide technical grade
Chemically pure ammonia alum for monocrystals
Oxygen gas (packed)
Sodium cyanide technical grade
Products of organic chemistry

(BIS-(methacryl-oxyethylene carbonate)- diethyleneglycol)
Open Cell Flexible Polyurethane Foam PPU – EО-100
Polyester P-2200
Polyester P-7
Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 117“
Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 235“
Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 315“
Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 425”
Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 445”
Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 503”
Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 785“
Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 1010“
Unplasticized PVC pipes

Pressure pipe diameter 20 - 315 mm
Sewer pipe diameter 110 mm
Wiring tube diameter 16 - 90 mm
Synthetic corundum
Synthetic corundum crystals
Products from synthetic corundums (by orders)
Not dimensional synthetic corundum (leuco sapphire fight)
Alexandrite from КА-1 to КА-4
Amethyst from КК-1 to КК-4
Pale pink ruby from КР-1 to КР-3
Light pink ruby from КР-4 to КР-5
Pink ruby from КР-6 to КР-7
Light red ruby from КР-8 to КР-10
Red ruby КР-11
Pale blue sapphire from КС-1 to КС-3
Blue sapphire КС-4
Dark blue sapphire from КС-5 to КС-3
Yellow topaz from КТ-1 to КТ-5
Green corundum (emerald-like) light КЗ(И)-1
Green corundum (emerald-like) dark КЗ(И)-2
Green corundum (emerald-like) various shades КЗ(И)-3
Small-size production
Monophenyl urethane (MPhU) technical grade
Monoallyl urethane (MAU) technical grade
Triisocyanate ТТ-75 – hardening agent
Polyurethane lacquer UR-KB-1
Polyurethane lacquer UR-KB-2
Polyurethane lacquer UR-K
Hardening agent for polyurethane lacquers, enamels and adhesives
Polyurethane enamel
Polyurethane adhesive UR-K-201
Korundinat TBU-50
Rust remover
Ethyl chlorformate and others chlorformates
Adhesive Korundinol 2.5
Adhesive Korundinol 12.5
Cyclohexyl chlorformate
Polyurethane fill covering PU-NP
1,5-Naphthylene diisocyanate
Polyurethane impregnating and sealing double-base compound “URGS” (URSC)
Paintwork materials
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