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Products of organic chemistry
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Products of organic chemistry
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Products of organic chemistry
Name of ProductGOST (state standard)or TU (factory standard)Field of Application
(BIS-(methacryl-oxyethylene carbonate)- diethyleneglycol)
TU 113-03-617-87For production of different polymeric materials, articles and compounds with polymerizing power
2Open Cell Flexible Polyurethane Foam PPU – EО-100TU 6-05-5127-82In different branches of industry
3Polyester P-2200TU 2226-050-05761689-2001For application in flexible polyurethanes, polyurethane varnishes and enamels production.
4Polyester P-7TU 6-05-221-429-80For application in polyurethane materials production
5Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 117“TU 2254-006-02748978-2004For production of rigid polyurethane foam by evaporation technique
6Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 235“TU 2254-010-02748978-2004For manufacture of heat insulating shells and other moldings
7Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 315“TU 2254-005-72311668-2004For insulation of pipelines using method “pipe in pipe”
8Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 425”TU 2254-018-072311668-2005For production of “sandwich-panels” using periodical method
9Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 445”TU 2254-015-723311668-2005For production of “sandwich-panels” using continuous method
10Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 503”TU 2254-016-72311668-2005For production of “sandwich-panels” using continuous method
11Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 785“TU 2254-004-02748978-2004For manufacture of cold- and warm-moulded flexible articles used in automotive and furniture industries
12Polyurethane system SPU “Korund 1010“TU 2254-007-02748978-2004For heat insulation and damp-proofing, creation of protective force surfaces on polyurethane foam
13Unplasticized PVC pipes
Pressure pipe diameter 20 - 315 mm
Sewer pipe diameter 110 mm
Wiring tube diameter 16 - 90 mm
GOST Р 51613-2000
TU 113-00-38-184-96
TU 6-19-215-83
For water-supply and sewer laying, electric wiring, handling of liquid and gaseous substances to which unplasticized PVC is chemically resistant
Commercial Director Mr. Oleg Zhanuzakov Fax: +7 (8313) 25-59-17
Commercial department Fax: +7 (8313) 26-47-83
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